Affiliate Program

Pacifimcn partner system setup instructions

1.Registeration and login

Click the link
Follow the prompts to fill out your name, email address and password. You can also make quick access using your existing Google accounts or Facbook accounts.
Following is where you land after successful login

2.How to distribute the products of the whole mall?

As long as the customers who come in from this link, no matter what they buy in the mall, you will get 30% commission for the sales.
The mall has a stepped commission system.The 30% rate is only the initial commission rate.
The higher the sales volume, the higher the commission rate.

3.How to make your own product link?

Choose any products you want to promote in,then copy the URL of the choosed product (e.g. Multipurpose Disinfectant Cleaner link Paste it in the framed section as in the following picture. You'll get your own generated link in the right column. Click Copy to copy your link.
For special creators who want to promote whole collection of products or whole website, just paste relevant collection and website links into the same area and get your own links.
Note: If you need your own collection page, just contact our specialists to generate for you.
The following is a diagrammatic representation of the process

4.Payment setting

Note: We can also support other payment methods such as WeChat/AliPay,just submit your request to us so that we can figure out if we can achieve that.