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3A mobile luminous magnetic data cable

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3A Flowing Glowing Magnetic Data Cable USB Type C Micro Cable Fast Charger Mobile Phone For iPhone For Samsung Huawei Xiaomi

  • The double-headed aluminum housing is extremely rugged.
  • The new magnetic lines can be combined freely.
  • Strong magnetic force, blind magnetic attraction automatic calibration docking for charging, which can greatly reduce the damage to the mobile phone charging interface due to the number of insertions and removals.
  • Magnetically absorbed streamer data lines can be used as power sources at night without darkness in the dark.
  • The 360-degree rotary interface can be filled at the touch and adsorbed instantaneously.
  • Color: blue, colorful, green, red
  • Material: Aluminum alloy, TPE, copper core, LED light
  • Current: 2.1A
  • Type: Android charging head? ? Type-C? ? Apple charging head