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4 pieces/batch reusable silicone plastic wrap

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4Pcs/lot Reusable Silicone Wrap Seal Food Fresh Keeping Wrap Lid Cover Stretch Vacuum Food Wrap Kitchen Gadget Sets

  • The food-grade silica gel has strong absorb-ability, good sealing, and can be sealed for fresh food, and the heat resistance and cold resistance are good.
  • It can be used in microwave oven heating.
  • It can also be used as an anti-slip tea pad.
  • Easy to clean the material soft, can be used repeatedly.
  • Material: silica gel
  • Size: 95*95mm/3.74*3.74"(1pc) ,143*143mm/5.63*5.63"(2pcs),192*192mm/7.56*7.56"(1pc)