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Car wash brush

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Car Wash Brush Cleaning Tools Mop Long Handle Automatic Foaming Car Chenille Microfiber Wash Mop Auto Accessories


  • The automatic water discharge does not require any electricity and super air pressure, and the water is automatically discharged, which saves you money and labor and is safer
  • The hair is soft and not on the car, the paint is soft and thick, the suede is plump, and the drape is good
  • Water-absorbent soft brush, no damage to car paint, no damage to glass, and cleaner cleaning
  • Lengthen the movable connecting rod, 2 movable connecting rods, no need to worry about washing the car roof, and washing the car more easily
  • Humanized design, automatic addition, dilution of detergent, long-distance faucet valves


  • Color: yellow
  • Material: Chenille, ABS
  • Gross weight(about): 920g
  • Product packaging: cowhide box packaging
  • Packing size(about): width 19 height 29 length 11 cm/7.48*11.42*4.33in
  • Quality(about): adapt to the outer diameter of the tap 16-18mm/0.63-0.71in