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Children's pancake machine

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WORTH BUY 4 Pcs/Set Egg Boiler Poacher Plastic Egg Mold Form With Brush Kitchen Egg Cooking Tools For Kids Egg Pancake Maker

  • Multifunctional egg cooker tools.Can be used as an egg and Jelly model.
  • Four different cute molds with lid and brush.
  • BPA-free plastic(PP5) material.Healthy and Eco-friendly.
  • With a simple operation, you can make an interesting egg model.
  • Egg tool type: egg poacher
  • Features: environmental protection
  • Features: Inventory
  • Laying method of whisk: desktop/portable
  • Type: Egg Tool
  • material: plastic
  • Plastic-type: PP
  • Style: Chinese
  • Color: gray, pink, green
  • Size: 7.5 x 7cm
  • Suitable occasion: kitchen and home, dining room