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Mesh storage compartment

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Jeans Compartment Storage Box Closet Clothes Drawer Mesh Separation Box Stacking Pants Drawer Divider Can Washed Home Organizer


1. One grid, one object, transparent and visible, washable, and even more pants can be seen at a glance.
2. Transparent and visible, easy to find objects, any surface is transparent and visible, quickly find objects.
3. Washable, clean and hygienic, using nylon + Oxford cloth environmental protection material, easy to clean.
4. Three-dimensional and crisp, independent access, thick material, strong and rigid, can be moved by the whole box.
5. Super dense nylon mesh cloth, thick nylon thread, high-density weave, strong and durable.
1. Main material: nylon mesh + Oxford cloth
2. Packing method: bagged
3. 25x36x20cm: jeans, trousers
4. 17x36x12cm: leggings
5. 32x32x 12cm:Bra
6.32X 12x 12cm: Socks 
7. 32x 12x 12cm: underwear