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Creative watch lighter

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1. Before inflating, use a small tool to hold the inflatable core, completely discharge the residual gas inside, and eliminate the pressure in the gas tank of the lighter;
2. Press the aerated gas tank outlet vertically downwards, pressing for about 5 seconds each time, two or three times.
3. Please wait for about 5 minutes after the inflation is completed. If there is still no fire after 5 minutes, please adjust the adjustment valve to a larger value. 


✨Detailed inflation introduction instructions:
Gas filling method
1. When refilling, there must be no Mars or fire around, so be sure to be safe. Never refill while smoking;
2. Qualified butane gas should be used. Inferior gas may damage the lighter or reduce the service life;
3. When refilling the normal model, please stand up the lighter, align the gas outlet of the gas bottle and cover the air inlet of the lighter, press it several times, and keep it for about 2 seconds each time; if the gas cannot be filled, it may be steam. Excess air is left in the box. At this time, you can deflate the air. Use a small screwdriver to align the air inlet and deflate 1-2 times, then perform the air filling operation.
4. When the sound is refilled, please loosen the air inlet screw cover with a flat-blade screwdriver and then follow the above steps. After the filling is completed, the screw cap can be flattened, not too tight; otherwise, the cover will not be dense and the cover sound will not be crisp, and the gas will escape. The hard-mounted vocal machine should be equipped with a special nozzle to refuel; 5, when the gasoline engine is refueling, the head cover should be opened, the movement should be pulled out and inverted, the outer sponge should be opened and the appropriate amount of gasoline should be added, and the gasoline should be infiltrated into the inner layer and covered. The outer sponge is then placed inside the casing;
6. After all kinds of lighters are refueled, wait at least 1 minute to adjust the temperature of the newly charged gas to room temperature, and then ignite after the residual gas attached to the lighter is completely evaporated. If the ignition operation is performed immediately at this time, the residual gas on the outside of the lighter may be burned, posing an unnecessary danger. After refilling the gas, if the flame height is too high or too low when used, it is a normal phenomenon, and the flame height can be moderately adjusted.

✨Adjusting the flame
1. When using, as the gas content of the product decreases and the ambient temperature changes, the flame height will change to a certain extent. This is a normal phenomenon, you can adjust the flame height moderately;
2. When used, the normal flame height should be adjusted; the windproof and straight-through lighters are 1.5-2.5 cm; the vocal, gasoline and open flame lighters are 2.5-4.0 cm;
3. If you need to adjust the height of the flame, please use a flat-blade screwdriver to align the groove of the flame regulator; if the lighter itself has an adjustment ring, you can adjust it directly with your finger, and turn it clockwise in the direction of the (-) arrow. , adjustable low flame height; turn counterclockwise toward the (+) arrow to increase the flame height. Note: Rotate counterclockwise and cannot exceed half a turn on a normal flame height. Otherwise, it may damage the product;
4. The gasoline lighter should control the flame height by adjusting the height of the ignition wick. If the flame height is too high, the wick can be cut with scissors. If the flame height is too low, the wick can be properly pulled out.

1. Contains pressurized flammable gas, please keep away from children;
2. Do not puncture or throw a lighter, do not throw it into the fire;
3. Please use in a ventilated environment, pay attention to flammable materials;
4, the direction of the fire is strictly prohibited towards the face, skin and clothing, and other flammable substances, so as to avoid danger;
5. When igniting, please look for the position of the fire exit, and press the ignition moderately. Different styles of lighters are ignited in different ways: divided into straight, side, and side; gasoline engine should quickly rub the wheel, and the sound machine uses the thumb to quickly rub the roller from right to left;
6. When using, if there is any smog and other debris falling into the fire outlet, you should blow it in time to remove the sundries, otherwise, it will cause a bad fire;
7, sound and gasoline lighter, if the cover is opened, the gas will begin to escape. Therefore, when not igniting, be sure to cover the cover to save;
8, this product is not suitable for lighting, do not continue to burn for more than 1 minute, so as not to burn the skin at high temperature;
9. Do not leave the lighter in a high-temperature environment for a long time (50 degrees Celsius / 122 degrees Fahrenheit), and avoid long-term direct sunlight, such as around the stove, outdoor closed unmanned car, and trunk;
10. Due to the limitation of the burning conditions in the climate above 3000 meters above sea level, the ignition of windproof and straight-through lighters may be greatly affected. At this time, it is recommended to use an open flame lighter;
11. When using a handicraft lighter such as a tabletop, the position of the fire exit, press, air inlet, and flame regulator should be clearly defined.
12. Qualified butane gas should be used. Poor quality gas may damage the lighter or reduce the service life.