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Disposable toilet seat

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10pcs travel disposable toilet seat cushion 100% waterproof toilet paper cushion travel/camping bathroom accessory set

  • Disposable toilet paper: independent packaging, sanitary and environmentally friendly.
  • Put it in the toilet, take one, and take it with you to bring you closer to cleanliness.
  • The toilet cushion extends to cover the front of the toilet, covering a wider area and better isolating dirty stains
  • Suitable for most toilets on the market
  • Daily travel at home, suitable for most toilets on the market, bringing you a clean toilet experience
  • Water-proof and cold-proof double-layer protection to prevent sewage from penetrating the surface of the mat, giving the skin a gentle and comfortable touch
  • Product category: disposable toilet pad
  • Size: suitable for most toilets on the market
  • Material: non-woven fabric
  • Specification: single piece individually packaged
  • Features: One-time use, waterproof and dustproof, single-chip independent packaging, easy to carry, travel, and home.