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Dog paw cleaning cup

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Portable Dog Paw Cleaner Cup Paw Brush Cleaning Tool Silicone Pet Foot Wash Tool For Small Large Dogs Pet Accessories


  • Wide range of uses: a safe and painless portable dog paw cleaner, suitable for dogs in apartments, vacations, homes, offices, hiking and camping. It can be used outdoors and indoors.
  • Portable pet paw cleaner: it can clean dog or cat paws anytime and anywhere! After visiting dog parks, beaches, walking and other outdoor activities, use it to remove dust, sand, salt, etc.
  • The perfect gift: The inside of the footwashing cup is made of silicone, which can gently clean the muddy paws without harming the dogs skin. The soft silicone bristles will help you remove dust and dirt from the dogs paws, leaving the dirt in the cleaning cup instead of the house.


  • Product material: plastic
  • Small size: about 10.1 * 8.6 * 8.6cm
  • Medium size: about 15 * 9.7 * 9.7cm
  • product weight:
  • Small: about 170g
  • Large: about 270g