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Insect repellent

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Mosquito repellent dormitory unplugged student indoor artifact with USB mosquito killer dormitory mute portable charging indoor


  • Excellent customer experience: This insect repellent can be plug and play, and it will be effective within a week. Instead of traditional insect repellents, pests are now scrambling to find a way out!
  • Whole family protection: electromagnetic and variable ultrasonic technology can repel pests. Multi-frequency ultrasound ensures that pests and rodents are not immune to the sound and forces them to leave your home.
  • Safe for humans and eco-friendly products: this insect repellent uses a specific ultrasonic frequency, only insects, bed bugs, and pests can identify and make them scrambling to find a way out, and does not contain any odor or any pesticide ingredients, and 100 %safe and non-toxic.
  • Easy to use: After plugging in a power outlet, the insect repellent will immediately drive away harmful pests without causing any confusion or odor. No need for this kind of insect repellent battery, which will save you a lot of replacement costs.


  • Is there a fragrance: No fragrance
  • Whether it contains fragrance: no fragrance
  • Liquid mosquito coil specifications: 1 bottle 1 device
  • Duration: 480 hours or more
  • Applicable people: children