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Microwave Splash Cover

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Microwave Food Cover Splash Proof Plate Cover Microwave oven Anti-Sputtering Cover with Steam Vents and Handle Dropshipping

1. High-quality materials: Unlike other plastic lids, the magnetic microwave dish lid is made of food-grade materials and does not contain BPA, ensuring that your dishes have no peculiar smell.
2. Easy to use: The microwave tray cover has a heating-free handle, which is easy to use and will not burn yourself. Use the microwave to heat up anything in plates, bowls, and cups. Can be washed with dish soap or placed directly in the dishwasher
3. Adjustable steam holes: adjustable steam holes can be adjusted in three ways: small holes, large holes, or closed holes. If you want to cool the food before eating, this is a good way to prevent the food from getting dust and bugs.
4. Suitable for most dishes: The microwave dish cover has a diameter of 10.4 inches and a height of 3.7 inches. This large-size microwave lid can fit most plates, plates, bowls, and cups. Suitable for most microwave ovens.
5. Wide range of uses: food cover is suitable for the microwave oven to prevent oil, cover cooked food and leftovers; vegetables and fruits freshness and storage. A good helper in your kitchen
Name: Microwave oven oil cover
Material: PP material
Size: 26cm in diameter
Handle: orange/white
Temperature resistance: heat resistance 100¡ã