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Mildew Gel

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1PCS Household Chemical Miracle Deep Down Wall Mold Mildew Remover Cleaner Caulk Gel Mold Remover Gel Contains Chemical Free


*1. High mildew removal rate, multiple scenarios apply.
*2. Quickly remove mildew, after cleaning, you can see the cleaning effect in 8-12 hours.
*3. Scientific formula, safe to use, no threat to the human body.
*4. It has a long mouth cover and a common cover. Squeeze design, easy to use.
*5. Wide application range, easy to solve mold, easy to operate.
*1. Net content: 120g
*2. Material: sodium hypochlorite gel
*3. Product size: 17cm*6cm
*4. Long mouth cover size: 6cm
*5. Features: easy and quick mold removal