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Movable multi-layer shelf

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  • Choose high-quality ABS material, with stable physical properties, waterproof, and good weighing ability.
  • The design of the roller makes it easier to move and clean at a convenient location, which can adapt to different life and applicable scenarios.
  • The layered design makes better use of the vertical space, reduces the floor space, and satisfies the needs of storage and storage.
  • Large-capacity storage space is suitable for small-sized living places.
  • The beautiful leaky and empty design is not prone to water accumulation. It is also very suitable to keep it dry at all times in common sense places such as toilets.


  • Color: black, white
  • Material: durable ABS material
  • Format: 40cm/22cm/38cm two layers, 40cm/22cm/64cm three layers, 40cm/22cm/90cm four layers