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Phone case gasket lanyard

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New Mobile Phone Case Gasket Lanyard Connecting Piece Wrist Braided Lanyard Lanyard Phone Rope Mobile Sling M9V8


This mobile phone lanyard is designed to be used on almost all mobile phones and cases, and will not block your charging port.
The adjustable lanyard is comfortable, tensile, and tear-proof. It can be worn as a necklace, shoulder, or cross-body, freeing your hands.
It is perfect for people who have tried to take their phone out of a backpack or bag.
The thin mobile phone sticker is affixed between the case and the phone, allowing you to hold the phone conveniently.
Product size: 6.5cm*4cm (approximately)
Lanyard size: 70cm (approximately)
Product weight: 32g
Product material: heat dissipation PU+ braided elastic lanyard