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Projector Humidifier

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1000ML Projector Air Humidifier | Aroma Diffuser | 4000 mAh Battery Rechargeable with Night Light for Baby/Bedroom/Office


  1. Product name: double spray projection humidifier
  2. Material: Nano atomizing film, LED light + electronic components, ABS+PC plastic
  3. Size: 202mm¡Á122mm¡Á119mm
  4. Style/color: white, pink
  5. Noise: less than 36dB
  6. Battery specification: 18650 lithium battery 4000mAh
  7. Battery voltage: 3.7V
  8. Charging voltage/current: DC5V=2A
  9. Power mode: USB, car power supply
  10. Working current: light about 900mA/spray about 800mA, light about 4.5W/spray about 4W
  11. Water tank capacity: 1000mL
  12. Spray water volume: about 50mL/1H


  1. 1000ml large capacity water tank.
  2. Brilliant light projection;
  3. Double mist sprayers
  4. Colorful night light?
  5. Built-in rechargeable battery 4000mAh;
  6. Intelligent digital display;
  7. wireless humidification
Package Lists:
  1. Humidifier*1,?
  2. USB cable*1,?
  3. Absorbent cotton *2,?
  4. Manual*1
  5. Transparencies*1