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Silicone Shower Brush

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Bath brush with hook soft silicone baby shower cleaning mud detergent massage back scrub shower bubble non-toxic brush


  • Environmentally friendly, durable, non-toxic, and easy to clean. The super-soft silicone body brush can help exfoliate and massage your skin. This is a comfortable bathing tool very suitable for babies.
  • More than 492 super-soft silicone bristles, built-in 2.7 oz (80 ml) reservoir. The two-in-one design brush and soap dispenser make it more convenient for you to take a bath, just squeeze soap or shower gel into this silicone bath massage brush instead of using it.
  • Wash with hot water or running water, there will be no foam residue, and it is more hygienic than loofah. There is a hook at one end of the brush head, which is convenient to hang and store, and it is convenient to hold the palm.
  • This shower brush is very soft and can be used for babies, children, and adults. You can shampoo and massage the hair for men with short hair, making it easier to clean the deep scalp. You can also massage and bathe your pet.


  • Material: Silicone
  • Packing size: 8.3*8.3*5.3CM