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Stainless steel soap

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Retail Eliminating Kitchen Bar Bathroom Soap Smell Soap Bar Stainless Steel Soap Shape Deodorize Smell From Hands Useful Tools

  • Remove any unwanted smells or odors from your hands after handling things such as onion, garlic, fish, etc.
  • To remove those unwanted scents from your hands, just simply use this like a bar of soap and run cold water over it while rubbing it on your hands.
  • The science of this is that ingredients such as onion, garlic, and fish give off sulfur that causes the odor to stain your hands.
  • The stainless steel would attract and bind with the sulfur to remove the odor from your hands.
  • High-quality stainless steel material, no deformation, durable in use.
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Color: silver
  • Ellipse length: 8.7cm
  • Width: 4.7cm