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Swivel tap

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720° Rotatable Kitchen Faucet Extender Water Saving Tap Nozzle Adapter Universal Splash Filter Spray Bathroom Sink Accessories

   ✨   Features:

  •  720° Omni-directional rotation, easy to clean and splash-proof. It is convenient for washing the chain, gargling, and cleaning the countertop.
  • The bubbles are splash-proof, and the water is delicate and does not splash.
  • It is convenient to receive the water, and the water comes out softly. Say goodbye to the embarrassment of the basin being filled with water.
  •  It can be used on the washbasin to produce delicate bubbles and strong flushing.
  •  Use in the kitchen sink, splash-proof sprinkler, quick stain removal.
  •  Quadruple sealing, filtering bubbles, filtering hard particles in water.
  • Honeycomb bubbles, oxygen-enriched water, using air injection to generate bubbles in the water. 
 ✔️ Description:
  • Material: ABS
  • Color: as shown
  • Product size: 6.6x5.8x2.4cm
  • The product contains:
  • 1x faucet extender